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Abuelos de la A a la Z / Grandfather?s From A to Z (Spanish Edition)
Abuelos de la A a la Z / Grandfather?s From A to Z (Spanish Edition)
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96 Pages
Age from 10+
Culture: LOTE
Format: Hardback

Grandparents batallitas and cantankerous grandmothers. Modern grandparents and old grandparents. Grandparents who spend the evenings in front of the TV and grandparents who spend the day in the park pushing swings ... All, all of them, fit in this book. 

There are grandparents who have pockets full of kisses, candies, stories and war stories. There are grandparents who browse the stories like on the back of a whale and other early-morning grandparents who wake up before the alarm goes off to take their grandchildren to school at the rate of cha-cha-chá. 

Almost all grandparents forgot for a few years the child they had inside to act as responsible parents, but the arrival of their first grandchild is enough for their life to return to childhood in a jiffy.

The children who galloped on their knees or we fell asleep in their laps, those who flew on a swing pushed by a grandfather or learned to ride a bicycle encouraged by their "clear you can", we can close our eyes and remember that when we were pressed between his arms we were safe from any fear or sadness.

Published 2016

Sppanish language edition.

Size 285mm x 250mm

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