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You Can't See Me (Chinese Bilingual ed.)
You Can't See Me (Chinese Bilingual ed.)
By Simon Golding
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24 Pages
Age from 4 to 7
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Hardback

The Chinese-English bilingual parent-child reading book was jointly created by Chinese and foreign authors. It tells the story of the protagonist's first encounter with an unfamiliar environment and the integration of the family and others. Through the hide-and-seek game, the hero's first hiding is revealed.The visual language of the picture is rich, and the typical Chinese symbols and elements such as dragons, kites and stone lions are cleverly used. Through the ingenious design of the pictures, the picture book guides the young readers to find the hidden girls in the book, often with reading interest. The rhythmic sense of the sentence, the authentic, concise language, allows children to perceive the different language charms of Chinese and English. The story of the sky and the sky, the fun and interesting interaction, enlighten the child's curiosity, concentration, and cultivate their ability to integrate.

Available in English with Chinese Simplified

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