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I Love Ollie Series (Chinese Simplified pack)
I Love Ollie Series (Chinese Simplified pack)
By Anna Walker
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Age from 2 to 5
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Pack

The I Love Ollie picture books by Australian children’s author and illustrator Anna Walker focus on the special moments and relationships of childhood. With simple rhyming text and appealing illustrations, this series is ideal for special reading times with toddlers and preschool-aged children. The series features Ollie, a young zebra who loves exploring with his dog Fred and spending time with his family and friends.

Each story begins with the statements ‘My name is Ollie. I love …’ and finishes with Ollie tucked into bed at night. In each book Ollie lists different things he loves about the particular celebration, activity or person featured in the title. He enjoys craft activities, exploring, baking, games and simply spending time with those that he loves. Although referred to in this review as ‘he’, Ollie’s gender is never specified as the books are written from a first person perspective, enabling both boys and girls to identify more easily with Ollie throughout the stories. The size of the books and their contents make for cozy lap reading.

Pack of 12 books

Book Titles:
I Love My Mum 我爱妈妈
I Love My Dad 我爱爸爸
I Love Holidays 我爱假期
I Love Birthdays 我爱生日
I Love Christmas 我爱圣诞节
I Love to Dance 我爱跳舞
I Love to Sing 我爱唱歌
I Love My Grandpa 我爱爷爷
I Love My Grandma 我爱奶奶
I Love Easter 我爱复活节
I Love My Baby Brother 我爱弟弟
I Love My Baby Sister 我爱妹妹

Bilingual English and Chinese Simplifed Script

Size - 170mm x 155mm

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