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Make a Hard Fist
Make a Hard Fist
By Tina Shaw
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204 Pages
Age from 13+
Culture: Pacific
Format: Paperback

"Lizzie Quinn thinks she's tough. But when Lizzie is attacked in her local park, she realises just how vulnerable she is. She knows she has to get her confidence back. The thing is, she's scared of her own shadow these days. Lizzie Q why so blue? Then she receives a letter in the mail, unsigned. Her stupid friends ... or maybe her short lived boyfriend? But they all deny it. More letters arrive and Lizzie begins to think someone is watching her. She has a stalker"--Back cover.

Teenage Fiction.

Author's Bio

Tina Shaw is a NZ novelist, short story writer and editor, and has written for both adults and children. She has received many awards including the Berlin author residency. Her first novel Birdie was widely praised. She has also self-published City of Reeds, Dreams of America, edited A Passion for Travel, and later wrote The Black Madonna, Paradise and Fluff Helps Out. Some of her titles have been published in Pearson's Nitty Gritty and Mainsails series aimed to encourage reading. About Griffen's Heart was a Storylines Notable book and a LIANZA shortlisted title in 2010. The Children's Pond was shortlisted for the 2015 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel

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