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Noses Are Not For Picking (Vietnamese Bilingual ed.)
Noses Are Not For Picking (Vietnamese Bilingual ed.)
By Elizabeth Verdick
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28 Pages
Age from 2 to 5
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Paperback

Mũi không phải để ngoáy

We have all seen it all. The nose-picking habit starts as early as the toddler years, and no child is the exception. Young children pick their noses for a variety of reasons, from colds to allergies to curiosity or boredom. This picture book for toddlers and preschoolers is the answer to the age-old question. How can I get my child not to pick, especially not in public? 

With gentle humor and kid-friendly support, this picture book for toddlers and preschoolers helps guide little ones away from nose picking toward healthier habits, like using a tissue and washing their hands. Catchy words help children remember what to do; vibrant full-color illustrations bring the words to life. Throughout, the positive message shines through: noses are for breathing, sniffing, smelling . . . but not for picking! 

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