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Pinocchio and the Real Boys (Bilingual ed.)
Pinocchio and the Real Boys (Bilingual ed.)
By Magda Brol
Available to Resellers
32 Pages
Age from 4 to 7
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Paperback

Pinocchio always did as he was told, even if others made him do bad things. Until one day, they went too far. Pinocchio began to think for himself and learn to take responsibility for his actions.

This classic tale is lovingly re-told and boldly illustrated by Magda Brol, multi-lingualism advocate, in her debut picture book.

Bilingual English with *Arabic, *Bengali, *Bulgarian, Cantonese, *Danish, *Dutch, *French, German, Hungarian, *Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, *Mandarin, *Nepali, *Polish, Portuguese, Russian, *Romanian, *Somali, *Spanish, *Swedish, *Turkish, *Urdu or *Vietnamese.

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Size - 285mm x 230mm

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