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Oh, the Places You'll Go! (Bilingual ed.)
Oh, the Places You'll Go! (Bilingual ed.)
By Dr. Seuss
Not available to Resellers
96 Pages
Age from 4 to 8
Culture: Language Learning
Format: Hardback

The story begins with the narrator, relating the decision of the unnamed protagonist (who represents the reader) to leave town. The protagonist travels through several geometrical and polychromatic landscapes and places, eventually encountering a place simply called "The Waiting Place", which is ominously addressed as being a place where everyone is always waiting for something to happen. As the protagonist continues to explore, spurred on by the thoughts of places he will visit and things he will discover, the book cheerfully concludes with an open end.

96 pages / 20.4 x 28 cm

Available in English with Chinese Traditional

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