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Through the Looking Glass (Chinese Bilingual ed.)
Through the Looking Glass (Chinese Bilingual ed.)
By Lewis Carrol
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384 Pages
Age from 7 to 14
Culture: LOTE
Format: Paperback

Bilingual edition of Through the Looking Glass.

In the mirror, the world is divided into chessboards, inhabited by many lively chess and strange characters; the Queen of Red Chess draws a chessboard between the vast fields, as long as Alice can successfully cross the squares, When you reach the eighth grid, you can become a queen...
After the publication of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in the Mirror", it has been loved by adults and children, and even won the favour of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Stories include
•The Garden of Live Flowers
•Looking-Glass Insects
•Tweedledum and Tweedledee
•Wool and Water
•Humpty Dumpty
•The Lion and The Unicorn
•Queen Alice 

and more.

Bilingual English with Chinese in one volume.

Published 2016

Size - 140mm x 205mm

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