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Amada Inmovil, La (The Immobile Loved One) Abridged (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) (3cd Pack)
Amada Inmovil, La (The Immobile Loved One) Abridged (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) (3cd Pack)
By Amado Nervo
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When Amado Nervo (1870-1919) died in Montevideo where he was a diplomat, his fame as the greatest Mexican poet of the nineteenth century was such that the boat where his corpse was to take it to Mexico was escorted by other boats from many countries, as a posthumous homage. His best known work, "La amada inmovil"(The immobile loved one) was written when his wife Luis Dailliez died, in 1912, in the middle of his grief, but it was only published after the death of the poet in 1922. His literary style, full of mysticism and with a beautiful use of metaphors, opened the way to the modernistic movement in Spanish. Cuando Amado Nervo (1870-1919), pseudónimo de Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz de Nervo, murió en Montevideo donde se desempeñaba como diplomático, su fama como el más grande poeta mexicano del siglo XIX era tal que la embarcación donde llevaron su cadáver a México fue escoltada por barcos de varios países, como un homenaje póstumo. Su obra más conocida, "La amada inmóvil" fue escrita a la muerte de su esposa, Luisa Dailliez, en 1912 en medio de su dolor, aunque solo fue publicada después de la muerte del poeta, en 1922. Su estilo lleno de misticismo y con un bello uso de metáforas abrió paso al modernismo en la lengua española. Note: This audiobook is in SpanishDescripción


 30 Nov 2009

ISBN - 7706236717721

Editorial - YOYO LIBROS

In Spanish language.

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