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    Assessing Primary Languages (Book & CD) : Interpreting and Implementing Assessment of the Key Stage 2 Programme of Study


    Assessing Primary Languages interprets the requirements of the KS2 Programmes of Study for foreign languages. The most effective way of ensuring progress among your KS2 pupils in Foreign Languages is by breaking the Programmes of Study into achievable, understandable objectives, creating a unified tracking approach which can then be used by any KS2 teacher to …

    Getting to Grips with French Grammar at Key Stage 2 : Comprehensive Guidanceto Ensuring Progression


    The KS2 Programme of Study states that pupils should be taught to: ʻunderstand basic grammar appropriate to the language being studied. Getting to Grips with Teaching French Grammar breaks the French language into the key elements of gender, verbs, sentence building and forming questions, providing a model of progression in each one. Detailed assessment activities …