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    The Noisy Noisy Farm (Thai Bilingual ed)


    Wherever can Rooster be? None of the animals has heard his cock-a-doodle-doo, and they’ve slept late. Now they’re all worked up! One by one they call to him Meow! Quack! BAAAAA! Moo! but when they find Rooster, they have a Big Surprise!  Bilingual English with Thai Size – 235mm x 240mm   Languages: Thai/English

    What’s That Noise. Little Mouse? (Thai Bilingual ed)


    “The moon was up, the night was still, and Little Mouse was half asleep. All at once, there came a noise — a long and loud and trembling sound…” Follow Little Mouse and his blanket as he runs from room to room trying to Bilingual English with Thai Size – 190mm x 190mmescape the terrifying …