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Baby Dream / Sonando Con Bebe
Baby Dream / Sonando Con Bebe
By Sunny Scribens
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16 Pages
Age from 1 to 5
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Board

Just right for bedtime or nap time, Baby Dream / Sonando con bebe features a calming refrain and plentiful prompts to soothe small children to sleep and strengthen the caregiver-child bond. High-contrast photographs of infants in physician-approved sleeping positions plus and chic, contemporary design make this bilingual Spanish / English board book an eye-catching gift.

Book Features:

  • Simple vocabulary in both Spanish and English is perfect for parents who are learning either language and for bilingual families.
  • Simple rhyming text, a calming refrain that emphasizes togetherness and photographs of yawning babies are sure to soothe very small children.
  • All children in Baby Dream are shown sleeping in positions recommended by physicians, with sleepwear, bedding and furniture that have been approved for infants and toddlers.
  • The black-and-white photographic illustrations appeal to babies' love for gazing at faces, while the bold patterning throughout encourages calm and focus. Chic graphic design and a contemporary aesthetic unify the Baby's Day series and distinguish it from others on the market.
  • The illustrations feature photographs of a wide variety of babies, family situations and caregivers, offering an inclusive representation of caregivers and siblings lovingly interacting with baby.
  • With photographic images and a seek-and-find element on each patterned page, Baby Dream will delight newborns, toddlers and even school-aged children.
  • Prompts the type of interaction that reinforces a secure caregiver-child bond, laying the foundation for self-confidence and empathy.

Bilingual English with Spanish

Size 165mm x 165mm

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