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Brilliant French Information Books - Level 3
Brilliant French Information Books - Level 3
By Daniele Bourdais
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84 Pages
Age from 7 to 11
Culture: Language Learning
Format: Pack

This collection of 18 short, attractive, highly-illustrated French information readers for primary schools:

  • Introduces children to reading in French and provides practice so they can improve their reading skills
  • Consolidates and extends pupilʼs vocabulary
  • Provides information and pictures of the French-speaking world to support Intercultural Understanding by broadening pupilsʼ perceptions of their own society as well as of another culture
  • Makes children aware of the value of reading in order to find out information and to build their vocabulary, and encourages them to become independent readers
  • Can be read easily and quickly making them motivating and enjoyable

 In-built progression

To ensure progression and differentiation, there are three easily identifiable levels of difficulty, with 6 books in each stage:

  • Level 1: Usually a single short sentence per page
  • Level 2: Usually 1–3 short to medium sentences per page
  • Level 3: Usually 3–4 sentences per page, varying in length

 Each book contains a fun multiple-choice quiz at the end to check understanding.

 The books are packaged by level, together with a teaching guide and a CD–Rom containing audio files of the information books as well as e-pdf versions to enable them to be displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

 The information readers in Level 3 are:

  • Un tour de France
  • Jeunes francophones
  • Des parcs d'attractions
  • Pourquoi la France ?
  • Petite histoire des transports
  • Des Français célèbres

6 pupil books, teacher's notes and CD-Rom

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