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Crocodile wants to turn right (Thai Bilingual ed.)
Crocodile wants to turn right (Thai Bilingual ed.)
By Carole Belton - Srisupapol
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32 Pages
Age from 3 to 7
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Paperback

Have fun with the tale "The Set Turns a New Corner to Win Your Heart", "Crocodile Wants to Turn Right", a story to enhance life experiences, a story of "Crocodile" Students go to school with Teacher Goat by the river. The crocodile said it's better to take the right path. But Goose said it's better to take the left path. Both sides came up with various reasons to convince their friends to believe in themselves until finally they had a fight. The turtle suggested that he take the left path and return to take the right path. His friends agreed and walked along the river happily. And also know that either way is good as well...
This story has rhyme and English story. That helps develop language skills and train children's memory, as well as contains content that helps instill unity and peace in the group. By being open-minded and listening to other people's opinions, children will live happily with everyone.

Bilingual English with Thai.

Size - 260mm x280mm

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