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Escritos Y Proclamas (3cd Pack)
Escritos Y Proclamas (3cd Pack)
By Simón Bolívar
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Age from 14+
Culture: LOTE
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Live thinking of the Liberator. Simón Bolivar, the Liberator of America by excellence is fairly admired, but it is essential to affirm that although many people consider him a great warrior, a skilful military man, they forget the ideas that inspired Bolivar which converted him in a statesman and guide for our continent. His lucid prose and his ideas are reflected in his Writings and proclamations, In this edition, a selection of the culminating moments in the mind of the Liberator is presented, from his proclamation of war to death up to his bitter words of farewell, in which he thought he had failed in his pledges, without bearing in mind that his personality would guide the continent every century on. The reading is done By Pedro Montoya, movie and TV actor who has also personified the role of Bolivar in different stages: Jamaicas Letter - Oath at the sacred mount - Decree of war to death - Cúcuta's Speech - Cartagenas Declaration - Last proclamation

3cd pack

In Spanish language

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