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Fun Games and Activities for Teaching Times Tables
Fun Games and Activities for Teaching Times Tables
By Debbie Chalmers
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76 Pages
Age from 5 to 11
Culture: Literacy / Teacher Resources
Format: Paperback

In 2018-19 all primary school children will be tested on their knowledge of the times tables. They will need to become fluent in the times tables, able to recall and apply them rapidly and accurately.

This book provides stimulating and imaginative games to make the process of learning the times tables both effective and fun.

The first half of the book contains games specifically aimed at teaching the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

The second half contains games appropriate for any of the times tables. These games are subdivided into three groups:

  • Games for learning each table in sequence
  • Games to test pupils’ memories and thinking skills as they try to identify the table they are working on
  • Games to teach children the different factors that can make up each answer.

The games require minimal preparation and ensure that all children gain a firm understanding of their times tables and will be able to recall them quickly and easily.


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