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Ivan El Imbecil Y Otros Cuentos (3cd Pack)
Ivan El Imbecil Y Otros Cuentos (3cd Pack)
By Leon Tolstory
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Age from 14+
Culture: LOTE
Format: Pack

The comic adventures of Ivan León Tolstoi is best remembered for his immense epic novels such as: Ana Karenina, and above all War and Peace. And they make forget the delicious stories that, with pedagogical spirit, he made about supposed Russian legends. One of the most famous is the story of Ivan, the imbecile, who thanks to his ingenuity manages to beat even the devil and emerge triumphant from all the ambushes they make him. This hilarious charade and the other stories in this issue show a tale master and an ingenious narrator who continues to delight those who know him.Autor: Leon Tolstoy

 Editorial Fonolibros de Colombia S.A.

Año de edición: 2001

ISBN: 9789589494374

Formato: Audiolibro

In Spanish language

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