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Keeping Up With Cheetah (Bilingual ed.)
Keeping Up With Cheetah (Bilingual ed.)
By Camp, Lindsay and Newton, Jill
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32 Pages
Age from 4 to 7
Culture: African
Format: Paperback

Cheetah tells bad jokes, and Hippopotamus listens and laughs his deep, bellowy laugh. That is why they are friends. But Cheetah wants his friend to run with him as well as listen to his jokes, and when Hippopotamus cannot keep up, Cheetah makes other friends. These new friends--Ostrich, Giraffe, and Hyena--can run fast, but they do not share Cheetah's sense of humor the way Hippopotamus does. Just when Hippopotamus realizes the silliness of trying to keep up with Cheetah, Cheetah realizes the silliness of trying to replace his friend Hippopotamus, and the two make up and return to telling jokes. The story is a bit bland and pat, but Newton's dynamic and bright watercolor illustrations add life and sparkle. With its focus on appreciating the value and nature of a true friendship, this book can be used in story programs having friendship as the theme. Add in accordance with collection needs.

Size - 28cm x 21.5cm.

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