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    Am I Small? (Bilingual ed.)


    Hl ana sghyrh? Am I small? Bilingual edition: Am I small? – Tamia is not sure and keeps asking various animals that she meets on her journey. Eventually she finds the surprising answer… Bilingual English with Arabic Size – 205mm x 280mmLanguages: Armenian/English, Arabic/English, Croatian/English, Farsi, French, Macedonian/English, Oromo/English, Russian/English, Sinhalese/English, Swahili/English, Tamil/English, Tigrinya/English, Vietnamese/English

    Big Plans: How not to hatch an egg – In English and Afaan Oromo


    Based on a true story, this sweet tale follows two hopeful siblings as they try to turn a gift egg into little playmates. But as they eventually discover, sometimes you need more than just a plan to make a dream come true. Young children will delight in following the ambitious youngsters as they try to …


    Essential Oil Metal Key Tool (Pack of 3)

    $12.00 $12.00

    A universal opener and remover for roller balls, reducers and caps on most bottles SINGLE SOLUTION CONVENIENCE–these universal keys work with all essential oil bottles including: 1ml/2ml sample vials; 3ml/5ml/10ml/15ml/30ml essential oil standard caps; and 3ml/5ml/10ml roller balls. Also great for replacing orifice and roller bottle caps without damage. SAFE AND EASY–these durable keys are made …


    Essential Oil Wooden Box – 36 Slots. Fits Tall Roller Bottles. Natural Pine, Wooden Storage Case.

    $39.94 $15.00

    Now in STOCK FINALLY! A BOX TALL ENOUGH TO HOLD YOUR ROLLERBALL BOTTLES: 6×6 grid holds 36 bottles. Fits 5ml, 15ml, and 10ml rollers. Perfect for storing oils from doTERRA and other popular brands of essential oils. EXCELLENT CRAFTMANSHIP WITH ELEGANT DESIGN: Made from high quality FSC certified natural pine wood. Convenient removable slot grid. Beveled …


    Let’s Bake a Cake – Multilingual Wall Frieze

    $29.95 $14.97

    ‘LET’S BAKE A CAKE’–size 36cmx158cm. Full Colour Poster detailing the process of baking a cake from gathering the ingredients. – wheat, flours, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, cocoa, chocolate, and the final product – a cake. Multilingual with English and ARABIC, BENGALI, CHINESE, FRENCH, GERMAN, PORTUGUESE, SPANISH and URDU. Includes a recipe and 6 steps. All …

    Mamas: In English and Afaan Oromo


    In the Harari region of Ethiopia, women play many important cultural roles. Their most profound role is caring for their families. They lead robust social lives built around friendship and kinship. Harari women work inside and outside of their homes–farming, selling, weaving, housekeeping (cooking, washing, cleaning). Women also work in the labor and service sectors …


    Map of South Asia

    $19.95 $14.96

    Size: 45 cm x 60 cm. Gloss Laminated. Beautifully illustrated map of South Asia. Includes Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In English. (Trade discount varies on this item) Languages: Arabic, Akuapem/English, Apache/English, Bangla/English, Acholi/English, Afrikaans/English, Albanian, Armenian/English, Amharic/English, Asante/English, Arabic/English, Assyrian/English, Bemba/English, Bengali, Afrikaans, Chinese (Simplified)/English, African, Bengali/English, Bengali/Sylheti, Bosnian/English, Braille/English, Brazilian Portuguese, British …

    Music of the City: In English and Afaan Oromo


    Addis Ababa became the capital of Ethiopia in the 1890s, when Menelik II became Emperor of Ethiopia and chose a spot for a city to be named new flower. Building houses would take a lot of wood, so the emperor looked for a fast-growing tree. Australia supplied eucalyptus trees that still grow along city streets …

    My First Afaan Oromo Alphabets Picture Book with English Translations


    Did you ever want to teach your kids the basics of Afaan Oromo ?Learning Afaan Oromo can be fun with this picture book.In this book you will find the following features:Afaan Oromo Alphabets Afaan Oromo Words English TranslationsSome Important Information Regarding Our Books:Each Alphabet has its own Page. All Pages are in Color. No Transliterations …

    My First Book of Afaan Oromo Words: English-Afaan Oromo wordbook


    With over 400 English and Afaan Oromo essential words used at home, school and everyday life. Colorful illustrations that keeps children interested and engaged, this is a fun and educational book for building vocabulary and developing early language skills. Contents Body parts – Numbers – Colors – Clothing – Animals – At School At Home …

    Only in Ethiopia (Bilingual ed.)


    High in the mountains, nyala climb. They live in Ethiopia and nowhere else. Yes, Ethiopia has more than 30 mammal species that are endemic, meaning the animals occur naturally only in that country. Learn more about these animals and more in “Only in Ethiopia. Bilingual English with Amharic, Afaan Oromo or Tigrinya Size – 216mm …

    Samad in the Desert (Bilingual ed.)


    Samad loved to go out. His dream was to spend a whole day in the desert and swim in the oasis. Follow Samad as he embarked on this adventure where he made wonderful friends and amazing discoveries. Going into a desert has never been so much fun. Illustrated by Soukaina Lalla Green Size – 203mm …

    Samad in the Forest (Bilingual ed.)


    Samad loved animals. His dream was to spend a whole day in a forest and sleep in the treehouse. Follow Samad as he embarked on this adventure where he made wonderful friends and amazing discoveries. Going into a forest has never been so much fun. Illustrated by Soukaina Lalla Green 203mm x 203mm African languages …

    The Biscuit Moon (Bilingual ed.)


    The sun is incredibly hot, and Buffalo searches for water and food. As the sun sets, he discovers a valuable pool of water, and in it there is a huge, white biscuit moon! But Lion is also hungry and thirsty, and the two animals spark a fight that involves all the other animals… except for …

    The Happiest Herder In The Land: In English and Afaan Oromo


    Long ago, a goat herder named Kaldi lived in Ethiopia. One day, he could not find his goats. Follow along on this adventure to discover what Kaldi found when he finally came upon his goats dancing, leaping and playing with joy.  Bilingual English with Oromo Size – 216mm x 216mm Languages: Oromo/English

    The Number Story 1 ODUU LAKKOOFSOTOOTAA: Small Book One English-Oromo


    Numbers are my friends! Numbers are my family! And learning their names is “funtastic”! Finally, after quietly observing for hundreds of years, Numbers have arisen and have come to the aid of thousands and millions of children who need help learning their numbers 0-10. Their mission? To help children connect their number names to the …

    Too Brave : In English and Afaan Oromo


    A cheeky mouse learns a valuable lesson in this fable based on an Ethiopian proverb for practice in reading Afaan Oromo and English. Bilingual English with Oromo Size – 140mm x 216mm Languages: Oromo/English

    Walls of Grass: In English and Afaan Oromo


    In this story, animals identify different sounds, and avoid a hyena, a dangerous animal common to Ethiopia. When author Jane Kurtz was growing up in Ethiopia, she could hear hyenas at night even in her Addis Ababa neighborhood. Now ring roads, lots of high speed traffic, and high-rise buildings in the capital city have pushed …

    Where Do Dreams Grow? (Bilingual Edition)


    Many children and youth have big dreams. Dreams of being a scientist, a doctor, a pilot or an engineer. But where do they go to see these dreams go? Bilingual English with Afaan Oromo or Tigrinya Size – 216mm x 216mm Languages: Amharic/English, Oromo/English, Tigrinya/English

    Yellow : In English and Afaan Oromo


    Meet two friends who love the color yellow, after the pretty yellow Meskel flower. Follow along as they discover and count all the beautiful yellow things they find throughout the day. Ready Set Go Books, an Open Hearts Big Dreams Project, is focused on increasing the literacy rate in Ethiopia through giving readers books with …