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Il mondo di cenere
Il mondo di cenere
By Jeaniene Frost
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330 Pages
Age from 16+
Culture: LOTE
Format: Hardback

In a world of shadows, everything is possible, except escape his fate. Ever since she was a child, Ivy was prey to visions of strange worlds. But when his sister disappears Jasmine, Ivy discovers that the truth is even more terrible: his hallucinations are real and his sister is trapped in a parallel realm. The only person who is willing to believe a guy is dangerously attractive, and for an ancient heritage will be forced to betray her. Although Adrian has turned its back on those who raised him, it does not mean that it can change their destiny, regardless of how you feel pushed to Ivy. Together they seek the ancient relic that can save Jasmine, but he knows something that she ignores: Ivy door every step closer to the truth as it is concerned, and a war that can destroy the world. Sooner or later you will find Ivy and Adrian on opposite sides. And in the middle will only ashes remained.

Italian romance novel.   

  • Publisher: Harlequin Mondadori (Feb. 2015)
  • Language: Italian  
  • ISBN-13: 9788861834941
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