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Muddle and Mo (Chinese Bilingual ed.)
Muddle and Mo (Chinese Bilingual ed.)
By Nikki Slade Robinson
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32 Pages
Age from 3 to 7
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Hardback

Muddle is a loveable, slightly confused yet enthusiastic little duckling who asks lots and lots of questions. Mo is a long-suffering, not very adventurous white goat who has lots of patience. They are best friends, but Muddle is rather confused about what type of animals they both are. Fortunately, during the course of their walk together Mo helps Muddle get his duck identity sorted out.

Nwe Zealand authour, Nikki Slade Robinson has been an illustrator and author for many years – in between doing things like finding worms for her duck, or the juiciest dandelions for her goat. Nikki and her family raised them both and as they grew, Nikki reckons they both thought they were human. And that is where the idea for this story came from.

Bilingual English with Chinee Traditional script

Size - 260mmx 215mm

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