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And The People Stayed Home
And The People Stayed Home
By O'Meara, Kitty
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32 Pages
Age from 4 to 8
Culture: School Readiness Program
Format: Hardback

And the People Stayed Home is a beautifully produced picture book featuring Kitty O’Meara’s popular, globally viral prose poem about the coronavirus pandemic, which has a hopeful and timeless message.

Kitty O’Meara, author of And the People Stayed Home, has been called the “poet laureate of the pandemic.” This illustrated children’s book (ages 4-8) will also appeal to readers of all ages.

O’Meara’s thoughtful poem about the pandemic, quarantine, and the future suggests there is meaning to be found in our shared experience of the coronavirus and conveys an optimistic message about the possibility of profound healing for people and the planet. Her words encourage us to look within, listen deeply and connect with ourselves and the earth in order to heal.

Size - 305mm x 240mm

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