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12 Petits Pieces a Jouer: 12 Short Plays to Listen to and Act Out
12 Petits Pieces a Jouer: 12 Short Plays to Listen to and Act Out
By Daniele Bourdais
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48 Pages
Age from 7 to 11
Culture: Language Learning
Format: Book & CD Pack

Drama provides a fun way to practise French. There are lots of benefits; it's motivating - pupils love it, it adds variety to lessons, it promotes fluency - pupils understand and retain language easily, it allows you to explore different cultures, historical periods etc, it's multi-sensory and inclusive, it offers opportunities for cross-curricular work and it helps embed good language learning practices. Drama allows children to develop a range of skills useful for successful language learning (listening skills, reading skills, expressive reading/speaking, memorizing through listening and repetition, etc). Playlets stimulate children's creativity as they invent new scenes or write their own simple plays. These 12 entertaining mini-plays are age appropriate, use simple, repetitive language, can easily be adapted, are ideal for use with mixed-ability groups, complement and reinforce whatever scheme you are using, are linked to the QCA Schemes of Work and help to deliver many of the KS2 Framework objectives: imitate pronunciation of sounds, recognize patterns in simple sentences, take part in pair and group work. The photocopiable book contains scripts, English translations, worksheets to extend the plays and suggestions for performing the plays. Native French speakers perform the plays on the audio CD included with the book.

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