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Pink Envelopes (Vietnamese bilingual ed.)
Pink Envelopes (Vietnamese bilingual ed.)
By Hong Anh Duong
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22 Pages
Age from 4 to 8
Culture: South-East Asian
Format: Paperback

Những Phong Thư Màu Hồng

To help the animals in the forest have fewer quarrels and conflicts, the King Gelada made an announcement that animals can put apology letter in pink envelops and it will be mailed for free. The money with long hair was the postman. He sent all the mails with pink envelop to their receivers. And the animals after receiving the apology letter reconciled each other, and they lived in peace in the forest.

Vietnamese moral story. A fairy tale is not merely recounting a story compelling and beautiful, but also helps to evoke the curiosity of children eager to learn and stimulate children imagination. Most importantly fairytale childhood souls are nourished by the lessons of love.

Size - 235mm x 24.5mm

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