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    Fitness Frog


    Enter the scene Mr Harry McBean, the fittest frog that has ever been seen!  Only Harry can transform the frumpy, tv watching frogs into fantastically fit un-frumpied frogs! This story has been unofficially endorsed by the NZ Heart Foundation for its positive message about fitness and diet. Suitable for ages 2+. Size – 210mm x …

    Little Kiddy Yoga (Kiwi Kids)


    Children are natural Yogis, with open minds loving hearts and supple limbs.This book is a great introduction to Yoga for small children and can also help adults get started. This book also provides some brief Yogic dietary principles. Little Kiddy Yoga Size – 210mm X200mm Published by Kiwi Kids Books, New Zealand Languages: English

    Role Play: Play in the Early Years


    Role play is a rich and often undervalued area of play which allows children to explore situations from their own or another person’s perspective. This book covers every aspect of role playing, with scenarios linked to five learning outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework. It discusses how to manage play, help children create their …