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Someone Special, Just Like You
Someone Special, Just Like You
By Tricia Brown
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64 Pages
Age from 7 to 11
Culture: Additional Needs
Format: Paperback

In this book there are children singing, dancing, going down slides, and blowing bubbles. A girl with a smile carefully crosses a balance beam. Out on a science trip, two boys step close to the glass wall between themselves and a huge porpoise. One young child smells a flower, another splashes in a pool, and another bangs on a tambourine. These children discovering the world around them, at home and with their friends. All of these children have various disabilities.

This book shows that although they may not walk, talk, hear, or see the way that others do, that doesn't make them different in their need to experience life completely. The photographs in this book were taken at four different preschools in the San Francisco Bay Area. These preschool are for children with visual impairments, hearing impairments, physical handicaps, and mental handicaps.

Black and White photographs.

First paperback edition published 1995, reprinted 2010

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