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Sophia and Alex Prepare for Kindergarten (Bilingual ed.) (Paperback)
Sophia and Alex Prepare for Kindergarten (Bilingual ed.) (Paperback)
By Danielson, Damon
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34 Pages
Age from 4 to 8
Culture: Multicultural
Format: Paperback

Sophia and Alex Prepare for Kindergarten prepares preschoolers as they transition to kindergarten during summer break. This 32-page beautifully illustrated picture book gives parents a tool to ensure their child is ready on their first day of class.

Advance Books is a publisher of children bilingual books containing side-by-side bilingual text. Our books are similarly translated into other world languages in paperback version.  The Sophia and Alex 10-book series is intended to ensure early dual-language learners feel connected with the wondrous world around them. Reading the series will help bilingual children reach higher levels of creativity, curiosity, cognition, social awareness and emotional well-being, all conducive in preparation for subsequent language immersion programs.

Bilingual English with Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish or Thai

Size - 210mm x210mm

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