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Talking Phonics (Pack 2)
Talking Phonics (Pack 2)
[Phonics Kit 2]
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Age from 5 to 8
Culture: Literacy / Teacher Resources
Format: Pack

Talking Phonics 2 Age 5-8

Talking Phonics pack 2 leads on directly from Pack 1. It enables children to make the link between what they see and what they hear through physical interaction. Compatible with the PENpal, the recordable aspect lets a learner listen to audio versions of phonemes/graphemes and tricky words, record their own versions, and then compare the two. Once children have been supported to access games and activities, they will be able to revisit them time and time again, perhaps unsupported by an adult during their child-initiated learning. The activities built into this pack focus on learning through practical investigation.

The pack includes:

  • 10 charts
  • 50 picture flashcards
  • 50 grapheme/digraph flashcards
  • 6 Silly Question Cards
  • 62 Tricky Word Tiles 
  • Guidance Booklet

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