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Trosclair And The Alligator
Trosclair And The Alligator
By Peter Huggins
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32 Pages
Age from 4 to 9
Format: Hardback

Trosclair loves living in Bayou Fontaine in Louisiana. He especially likes gliding in his canoe with his dog, Ollie, hunting turtle eggs in the Bee Island Swamp, although Pere has warned him not to go there because the rogue alligator Gargantua is dangerous. Then one day Gargantua tricks Ollie--who tricks the sly monster with a hive of bees. The French Louisiana idiom is a lively part of the book, and the bright, mixed-media double-paged spreads, with lots of collage details, do a great job of showing the stand-off in the swamp between the grinning monster with its sharp teeth and the sly kid and his dog. The tale of the monster sent running is fun, and kids will find the setting a moving part of the action.




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